Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think I need a drink...

Man...talk about white paper fear. I'm just gonna start rambeling and hope something comes out. This is kinda weird....Usually, I can't wait to get a few minutes to start writing. I have all these thoughts...little ideas trying to grow.

I'm trying to do an alcohol free weekend. One of my employees turned 21 last week and in true friendly fashion, all the guys in the shop decided to get together and give him a bit of brain damage. I don't even know when we left the bar...I'm really thankful there were people there who were smarter than us and generous enough to offer rides.

It's an interesting rite of passage when you consider the implications of a 21st birthday celebration. He's finally old enough to be considered an adult in every way.
Five years ago, he was old enough to navigate a two and a half ton vehicle along the busiest streets with no supervision....but he could not drink.
Three years ago he could legally buy the cigarettes he has been smoking since he was fifteen and he could join the military, get a gun and die in a war...but he couldn't drink.
At eighteen years of age, he could vote in any election and help shape the destiny of his country. He could go to a federal prision if he got out of line. He was legally responsible for all his debts and he could get a credit card with a simple signature...no alcohol, though.

No...to be truly an adult...the finest show of maturity...the ultimate evidence of his coming of age...
I guess the only thing left is to gather with the rest of his "adult" friends and try to drink himself into a coma. God it's so good to see the kids grow up!

I'm sorry...I don't even know if I'm being sarcastic or not! I think I need a drink.

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Michelle said...

amazing how much we think alike